Stem Cells: The Key to Reversing Biological Age

Using Yamanaka Factors to Reverse Epigenetic Noise and Regenerate Aged Tissues

Dr. Yamanaka giving a lecture at the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative

Stem Cells Are SUPER Important

Embryonic Stem Cells

iPS Cells Breakthrough

A Colony of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS Cells)

The Epigenome

Dr. David Sinclair, Author of Lifespan and Longevity Researcher at Harvard Medical School

The Epigenetic Correction System

The correction system proposed by Dr. Shannon | Harvard Mathematics
Dr. Sinclair’s book Lifespan, which discusses the science behind aging, and ways that aging can be avoided or even reversed

Resetting the Epigenetic Age — Dr. Lu’s Research

The vitreous body consists of the gel-like vitreous humor between the lens and the retina
Regeneration of axons (stained orange/yellow) without (top) and with (bottom) OSK expression post-injury. Blue asterisks indicate optic nerve crush site

18 y/o innovator working on reversing ageing and researching cancer vaccines.

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