The Immune System: Defending Your Body Is A Full-Time Job

Crash Course Immunology — Part 1 of Cancer Immunotherapy Series

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Let’s Start From The Top

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Hematopoiesis | Figure from Pinterest

Innate Immunity

First Class of Innate Immunity

Nasal Physiology | Figure from Ento Key

Second Class of Innate Immunity

Phagocytic Cells

GIF Source: Giphy

Dendritic Cells

Mast Cells

Natural Killer Cells

Adaptive Immunity

Humoral Adaptive Immunity


Structure of an antibody | Figure from Britannica
V(D)J recombination | Figure from Academic Press

Activating the Humoral Immune Response

Clonal Expansion | Figure from Kimball’s Biology Pages

Cell-Mediated Adaptive Immunity

Major Histocompatibility Complexes

The two types of MHC molecules | Figure from Lumen Learning
MHC-I antigen presentation pathway | Figure from Immunology
MHC-II antigen presentation pathway | Figure from ViralZone

Regulatory T-cells

How Can We Use This?

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